The very first tone to proof

Acid King, TarLung

Roadtrip To Outta Space, Dreiraum, Arena, Vienna, Austria 20170807


Do you know this feeling, when you were not sure if you should go to a concert? But the very first tone proofed it was worth it? When the support that evening hit the first string, it was exactly like that. And the feeling did not leave.

Knowing that one’s way leads to the Dreiraum of the Arena to see a Roadtrip To Outta Space is always uplifting already. The smaller size of the room gives it a nice familiar atmosphere. Plus the support does not play in front of an empty hall, because it gets filled during their show already.

And so the Sludge of Tarlung hits the crowd instantly. Wearing a shirt of Crowbar, guitarist Rotten shows one obvious influence. A classic broken drum pedal leads to a little delay, that gets filled by an impressive solo of singer and guitarist Five and an equally amazing jam session of the guys. When drummer Marian is completed again, they go back to their regular set and simply nail their songs of their latest EP “Void” that is available on tape, as well as of their new full length “Beyond The Black Pyramid”.

After this great start, the main act of the evening climbs the stage: Acid King. And so the massive sound simply goes on. It storms through the whole body. Getting you literally close to a heart attack because of the electrical energy it makes you feel. The voice of Lori S. stands in contrast to the one of Five from Tarlung, showing how different this genre can be performed. Also the songs of their latest album “Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere” released through Svart Records carry on the feeling you had from the beginning.

And when they are done, as it is often, it feels a bit too short. But so nice you never would complain.