All about the living room

Kate Stapley, SÓL, The Boy I Used To Be

Weberknecht Wien, Austria 20181015


One phenomenon enjoys a growing popularity: living room concerts. Acts like Paul Plut or gab&gal already used the intimate atmosphere to play, platforms like Sofar Sounds and Dein Wohnzimmerkonzert arise. And this evening at the Weberknecht experiences a similar feeling.

At least that is what The Boy I Used To Be thinks the character of the night is about. The former FUTURE:ART musician goes calmer and more melancholic ways. With his loop station, he creates the huge sound of a full band and looses himself in the songs. “Most of you already know this” he tells and hands out a lyric sheet to everyone. Between the songs he makes the people laugh by telling stories for example how he hurt his foot. And reading his lyrics makes clear, the sea got its fascination on the wonderful boy.

The second act who plays for the audience of about fifteen people is SÓL. For the start, they occur as three-piece, with a second female voice as support, what sounds great. Even though Sól got a very nice voice anyway. Who plays the whole set with her is Tringo Starr on the cajon, a soulful drummer, who also shared the stage with acts like Lavanda Kawumm or AFK. The songs are in English like “Perfect Day” as well as in dialect like “Wos Isn Leicht Pt I”.

Headliner of this beautiful familiar night is Kate Stapley. Like Flip Grater, her voice and an acoustic guitar are enough for a lot of emotions and to cast a spell over the aucience and therefore they are the female pendant to singer-songwriter like Carus Thompson or Mick Hart. Coming from the UK, she was told by her father, who played with known names like Westernhagen, to work hard so she will be able to visit fascinating places. Generally many of her songs are family-related. And in the end you can buy songs like “These Planets” and more on the CD “Centella” for a few Euro.

Not only the amazing musicians but also the relaxed atmosphere of the Weberknecht made the evening remarkable. A “Living Room Riot”, like BaTom acclaimed just few weeks earlier at the Gürtel Nightwalk.