The little depressed love song with impact

Kodaline, Ryan McMullan

Politics of Living Tour presented by FM4 Indiekiste, Planet TT Bank Austria Halle Gasometer Wien, Austria 20181017


The night is fine and right for some very special popular music. Between Indie and Alternative, Folk and Pop, a band from Dublin, Ireland found its own way and therefor fills the Gasometer easily.

Their support they get from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Ryan McMullan doesn’t have any problem to play this big stage alone. On the piano and the guitar, he plays his very nice positive songs. Obviously he is known to some in the audience, as they sing with him. And what is something like a loud sonorous “Heeyyy” in Rock and Metal is a higher “Woooo” in this case. Just a few days before, the man with the empathic voice released “Bowie on the Radio”. A tune about high feelings because of the maestro’sHeroes”.

About high feelings, a band that is able to give them to thousands is Kodaline. Somehow like Mumford and Sons, Imagine Dragons or thinking of Itchy’s “I Believe”, the group doesn’t need to hide behind any of the currently biggest popular acts at all. With simple show elements, they bestow a diversified evening upon the willing listeners. The lights are just one nice part. Singer Steve Garrigan at a point searches his way to their Sound Engineer at the back, who got his birthday, so the audience sings to him. Generally, the people again show that they know the lyrics. Steve also plays the mandolin, and impressive as well is the A cappella part. But the most amazing moment still is to see the phenomenal “All I Want” live. Not only the music video for it is awesome (and Jon LaJoie “covered” it for Nekrogoblikon’sNo One Survives”), but also the song got an incredible dynamic and feeling in it.

The concert evening with Kodaline and Ryan McMullan included a strong show, songs that not only apply to radio listeners and the whole thing with (surprisingly) really good sound.