Stop grinning, these songs are not written for fun 

Kora Winter, Aenygma, Six-Score, Die Mittagspausenband

Viper Room Vienna, Austria 20240118

On the way through the third district. The voice of Ice-T comes to one’s mind: „Get It Going“. This night will be about the mix of Rap and really heavy music. Entering the Viper Room, some brute n epic tones like Downfall Of Gaia welcomes the visitors. 

Die Mittagspausenband is still soundchecking and turns out to be a three-piece out for a loud riot. From their album, they play a song against hippies. Then they hand out CDs, to be destroyed during the ten seconds of „Safe the Tape“. At the end, they tell that they find Taake’s booking at the very place incomprehensible. 

Some bandmembers change, and soon it continues with Six-Score. They have Grindcore on their banner and ‚grind down white pride‘. The vocalist wearing a The Arson Projectshirt reminds bit of Hardcore-act Owe You Nothing. Their latest album „It Could Be Worse“ talks about depression. And after a slow start, they play faster and faster: ‚Schnelles Set, ab ins Bett‘. 

Number three tonight is Aenygma, and this time, the Bad Omens-shirt chatches the eye. They play Alternative Metal on a high level, including e.g. Drum & Bass samples. From their album „Termina“, they include „Foreigner“, „Atlas“, „Betrayal“ and „Omega“ amongst others. Their solid show works together with the audience, that gets moving. 

For Kora Winter, it is the first time in Vienna. But they played with likes of Rolo Tomassi, The Hirsch Effect or Jinjer and are friends with Pabst. Singer Haxan doesn’t ‚tolerate anyone who doesn’t move‘. The lyrics talk a lot about violence like on the album „Bitter“. So he also asks the audience to stop grinning, as the songs are not fun. 

But this is not that easy, as the mood is good and the show has a beautiful intimate atmosphere. Some technical problems might even help this feeling. And the posters announce Metalnight Outbreak, Transmission, Black Inhale, Crypta, Midnight, Disillusion, Gutalax and more.