Colors of Death in the Black of the Night 

Gutrectomy, Suffer UK, Darkest Moral, Zerleger, Vault

Echoes of Brutality Tour 2024 presented by Metalnight Outbreak, Viper Room Vienna, Austria 20240124

It is a warm day in January, as the path leads to Viper Room another time within a week. After the fantastic Kora Winter gig, the Echoes of Brutality tour calls for blood. For this occasion, Metalnight Outbreak has even booked five bands. 

Last confirmed and first to perform is Vault. They hit in with their brutal loud Radioactive Slamming Goregrind ‚or so‘ as tonight’s singer Daniel of Child Cemetery and Void Creation jokes. He replaces Markus for this one, and as the band plays an instrumental, he jumps of stage, because as the guests don’t mosh he has ‚to come down and do it‘. 

And it works, and the growing audience is ready for Zerleger. They start with midtempo Groove but pick up speed constantly with songs like „In menschlicher Gestalt“. At some point, Death monsters Daksinroy come to ones mind and as they announce Old School tracks, „Herbst“ gets a highlight. 

More modern Deathcore comes in with Darkest Moral. They are looking for a new drummer but have a guy drumming with bones with them. The heavy distortion unfortunately drowns a lot of the other instruments. But the show is fun and takes a serious turn when singer Julian talks about suicide and getting help e.g. in therapy. 

The energy level stays high: Suffer UK take the core a little bit more to the Hardcore side. It is another show with neckbreaking tendencies, spiced up with a Limp Bizkit fill-in. Then their touring buddies Gutrectomy are up to let the audience move one last time. 

In the pit you can find singer Aaron of Suffer UK and Postmortem Promises picking up the microphone again. Songs like „Shrine of Disgust“ make this great Death Metal night complete. And Metalnight Outbreak has a lot more to come for its tenth anniversary like the festival with likes of Raze Your Gods..