Quarantine Party Viennese Hip Hop Style

Kreiml & Samurai

Auf ollen Viren Live Stream, FM4 Stay At Home Session, Austria 20200321


The weekend quarantine program goes on: After “Once Upon A Time In Venice” on Friday, the Saturday started with a stream already at 11 am. In the evening, Radio Vorarlberg presents local musicians like Ski-Schuh-Tennis Orchestra, Mona Ida, Brendan Adams, The Weight, Finn Parker and more in Kultur Extra. And after the next live stream is up on YouTube.

FM4 presents Kreiml & Samurai in their Stay At Home Sessions. Like in a FS1 Studio Session, the band performs in a special room without audience. Basically the two should be on “Zruck in die Zua-kunft”-tour with Monobrother and MDK, which they thank for the already played gigs. The other dates are postponed until autumn.

The Hip Hop duo, that is on the label Honigdachs like e.g. Franz Füxe, obviously is motivated for this show. They present songs from their new release “Auf olle 4re”, which they adapted to “Auf ollen Viren”, as well as their famous hits. Technical problems don’t stop them and they show a lot of humor. They have a pack of toilet paper with them, and the setlist is written on toilet paper as well. In the room is also enough space for playing tennis, and a stage dive is worth a try.

In their songs, they tell their stories of everyday life and going out in Vienna like in “4re in da Friah”, “Würstlstand” and “Boulevard”. The camera seems to be quite familiar with the songs, as it is always there where something happens. That makes this stream THE party of this quarantine Saturday night, and 850 are following the concert. The phenomenal “Das alte Liedchen” from “Die Rückkehr des Untiers” featuring Digga Mindz, to whom they send their best regards, should not be missing as well as the “Wiener” from “Wuff Oink”. But some when everything comes to an end like this show with “Ois hot a End