Of Morrison, Dylan, Doherty and Zweig

Michael Fritsch of Fritsch & The Jims

Freilich Open Arts #quaranTIME Home Session, Austria 20200322


It’s a beautiful cold, windy and quiet Sunday evening. On the screen, you see a Babyshambles and Jim Morrison poster, and a tote bag saying “What The Fritsch is Austrogroove?”

This question can be answered watching the live stream of Michael Fritsch of Fritsch & The Jims. The band performed e.g. at the Concerto or Shakespeare and also exists as Sara Brandy & The Jims, watchable on FS1. Freilich Open Arts not only organises living room concerts with likes of The Boy I Used To Be, Yunger, Mela and Saltbrennt, but also hosts the #quaranTIME Home Sessions, guitar lessons or live paintings.

Michael appears, joking that he had a technical problem, as he couldn’t find his capo. With his calm and friendly way, he starts with “Herbst”. The sound quality is quite nice, both the guitar and his voice are clear and the crunching of the instrument gives it a natural living touch. “Hello internet, can you hear me?” he asks, sipping from probably a Gösser beer with a label saying “Jim Morrison is alive”.

He presents songs from their EP. The next single will be “Blau”, which poetical lyrics he sings with charismatic facial expression: “Let us conjure the old ghosts together.” As he receives a song wish he smiles, also because the technic makes this possible. The song about Bob Dylan he plays for his “Blues Brother”. In “Monday” he claims that “in the circle at the fire we’re all the same”.

Also he plays their latest music video “Der Schatten” and tells about himself, that he has a soft spot for sad Country songs: “Maybe it would be better under another sky to another time.” Especially for this gig, he composed the “Talking Corona Blues”, and recommends to maybe read a book by Stefan Zweig, listen to Bob Dylan or watch an old gangster movie. Close to the end he slides in a Danzer cover, and after he wished everyone peace, love & togetherness and a wonderful evening, The Jims provide an Vulfpeck style after show party.