Widowmaker (Single 2022)

Lush City Ferals

Alternative Rock

Rock music is hard to categorize because of its wide spectrum. Only think about Queens of the Stone Age, are they truly Stoner Rock compared to for example related Stöner? Or have they left this field long ago to follow something else. Anyway, whatever subgenre a group might belong, the wish can arise to go beyond borders. Grow heavier, as Slash did on his solo record with A7X-singer M. Shadows.

Maybe Lush City Ferals were following this kind of instinct with their single „Widowmaker“. Listening to the guitar distortion, „No Son Of Mine“ is greeting naturally and modern. The beat is sophisticated Metal manner of Newsted, with a little dodgy twist in rhythm, making fun like Meshuggah and mean Tool. This resulting groove and transitions then also make think of Pantera giving the move.

Singer Philipp follows a melodious line with a little distortion, adding the head-voice and several voices in the back. His fellows Zoggi (RRS, Ruhmer), Thomas and Niklas drive the arrangement to the bridge and the break in it. Right there, we come across similar attempts of punchy Rock craft like Great Red Silence, before the keen outro leads us gently to the end.

Not to miss a visual counterpart, Lush City Ferals shot a DIY video for the tune, containing stage material from venues like the Kramladen, they played with Fiesta Forever and studio footage like e.g. Red Sun Atacama. The framing is well-chosen, and somehow one could suspect a little Freistädter advertisement in this music clip, reminding of the iconic Kronenbourg 1664 commercial.

Mastered by Martin Scheer (Milk+, Greyshadow, former Excuse Me Moses), Lush City Ferals can blend their Rock influences into cool action to go with. Having this vibe of Deaf Rat or Dustland Express with this pinch of heaviness like Asking Alexandria gives „Widowmaker“ its charismatic outfit.