The Hardcore Saga Continues

Madball, Risk It!, Owe You Nothing

For The Cause 2018, Arena Wien – Große Halle, Austria 20180827


Hardcore, maybe the most positive brutal sound that exists, created by pioneers like Black Flag and Bad Brains, perfectioned by legends like Suicidal Tendencies and D.R.I. and even pushed further by e.g. Canvas and Nag. This evening the Arena hosts another veteran from New York City.

Before, Austrian Eastside Hardcore act Owe You Nothing gathers the people in front of the stage. First, most seem to try to keep away in the back, where the black curtain is to make the place more cosy like at the Exploited show. But the locals manages to motivate them to move forward. Not only because of their origin but because their music and show are on the highest level so it wouldn’t even need the “Push It Away”-Cover from Terror even though it’s nice.

It goes on with the next Eastside band Risk It! from Eastern Germany. They keep the level high and the motivation within the audience grows obviously. That comes down in classic violent dancing in the front rows. The band pleads against people who open their traps on the internet – thumbs up! Still it is a pity that one guy takes too much room and breaks into the others standing around until one doesn’t stand up anymore. Very unnecessary as there would have been enough space.

The crazy mood will go on so far that even the bassist will shake his head as the stagediver hit the ground: Madball are from the same squad like Agnostic Front (the singers of the bands are half-brothers) and the Cro-Mags. The mosh pit expands and swallows over half of the audience. Freddy Cricien tells that Hardcore is made for everyone, no matter from where or what you are. Also to him “Risk It got the Hardcore spirit.” And so got the whole evening. To the one who got knocked out: Get well!