Crossing Borders Of Possibilities

The Telly, POSTMAN, Wrong Body, Lonesome Hot Dudes, Murena Murena, Pü

Cut Surface “B” Sampler Release and Birthday Party, fluc Wien, Austria 20180829


Cut Surface is a Vienna-based label. “True to the different”, this slogan isn’t just a saying, as their second Birthday and Sampler release party with live music and DJs at the fluc shows. The new record comes with a zine and features 20 tracks by The Boiler, Dazed Pilots and LEVIE amongst others and the bands of the evening:

opens the stage dressed in red, delivering a sweet short set of four songs. The electronic beats are concise yet with coolness. Combined with the singing a very special and appealing opener that makes you want more. And you don’t have wait long as Daniel Murena of Murena Murena from Munich plays a solo show. Armed with a loop station, his music is rooted in classic Rock’n’Roll like Elvis and Johnny Cash but extended by The Cramps. The wonderfully screaming guitar and great dance performance make songs like “Lovely Homes” and “Psycho Mama” (Leon Payne / Eddie Noack Cover) a blast.

The Rock’nRoll show goes on in a more Punk way with the Lonesome Hot Dudes from Graz / Vienna. The band is great fun but with serious background as they plead for the self-determination of women and against actions like that gender studies got banned from universities in Hungary. The word joke “DisKurz” works well but they also assert that the fun will be over with him soon. Musically they present great tunes next to their sampler contribution “Books”. All instruments are equal, also the saxophone got its special place and the bass without threats enables great sliding. Wrong Body then slips in “dramatically depressive”. Dino Spiluttini is the second act alone on stage, but with his huge voice he catches the audience plus he uses the fact that the stage is even with the ground and walks through the people.

With POSTMAN we shift back to Rock’n’Roll / Britpop again. Coming from Linz, they play an electrifying set, changing the instruments every now and then with each other. Great sound, great songs and great performance. Final act then is The Telly, a rocking dude that increases the velocity and is perfect to dance to. A very successful birthday and release show in familiar atmosphere.