Empty Psychedelic Tube

Magic Delphin

Rockhouse Club Session Live Stream #7, Rockhouse Salzburg, Austria 20201127


It’s the end of November and super release Friday. Here For A Reason, Intra, Scheibsta, Anderwelt and Deaf Rat all send out their new music to the world. And while concerts in real life like Boogie Hammer and Mortician are cancelled, the Rockhouse Salzburg invites to their seventh session online.

The band that sweetens up your weekend is Magic Delphin, who have played the place before e.g. at the Xtra Ordinary Release. Benjamin Lageder started the project in 2015 with the outstanding single “Stadt am Meer”. He released two records so far, “Leben am Mars” and “Milde Sorte”. For this evening, he has announced five brand-new songs, which will be released on the third album, together with “Dosenbier/Baggersee”.

A wind-up toy animal is moving in front of the camera. Then the band starts the session with “Glitzergold”. The toys are only one of the gimmicks of the show. The musicians are positioned in a circle on the stage of an empty Rockhouse hall. They brought a carpet with them. Between the members, lamps and plants can be seen. And they even have incence sticks, as the Delphin reveals.

Right after the opener, they play three of the advertised new songs: “Kids”, “Ozeanien” with a great falsetto chorus and “Afrika”. The others follow bit later, named “Schoki Schoki” and “Früher war hier Eis”, the last new before only “evergreens” follow, Benjamin smiles.

About “So süss”, he tells that they have changed the key many times, but now are back in the original one, which is A minor. More classics are “Nie wieder allein” and “Millionen Dollar mit Arbeit”. Twelve songs Magic Delphin play in total. Attic Film greatly captures the show with several moving cameras. Most of the time, they are close to the band, but they also add a top shot and close to the end they give a little insight with a total shot.

The filmmakers create a Psychedelic feeling with dissolves, which support the awesome show and music of Magic Delphin.