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Mando Diao & Mighty Oaks at Donauinselfest

Opportunity and questionable Pleasure

Mando Diao, Mighty Oaks

Donauinselfest, fm4-Bühne, Vienna, Austria 2017-06-24


Big masses make their way to the island these days – it is Donauinselfest! The biggest free festival in the whole known world, taking place in Vienna. 3 million people march over the bridges, to see for example the Mighty Oaks and Mando Diao.

The sun already gently kisses the horizon, when it is time for the Mighty Oaks from Berlin to put their feet on the fm4 stage. Situated in the very north of the island, it seems to be the chilled area of the whole festival. The people are sitting and standing on the hill around the stage, and as the sun is setting, the heavy heat starts to disappear for a wonderful summer evening. The folk of the Mighty Oaks feels like a great soundtrack for the situation. “We won’t get to together this young anymore”, they claim a famous German saying. “Raise Your Glass” is the song of the evening. Drinks, summer, music, what could one want more.

At least another drink at some point, because even though it is not that hot anymore, the thirst remains. But the closer the headliner comes, the harder it gets to basically do anything. People can stand forty minutes in a line without getting anywhere. This is the disadvantage of a (free) festival of this size. Where it was still laid back before to watch the stage, it is impossible to get there anymore. A lot of people just can hear Mando Diao very quietly, not talking about seeing them. But “Down In The Past” is the start, which can put a smile on some faces again and “Dance With Somebody” is the hit that lets the people dance happily.

After all having the opportunity to watch good music for free is great, but in this dimension unfortunately it can get too much to actually enjoy it.