D.R.I., Deafness By Noise, The Great Escape

But Wait…There’s More! Tour, Viper Room, Vienna, Austria, 2017-06-28


Hardcore Worldwide, this huge community of music addicts, seems to be the motto of the evening at the Viper Room in Vienna. Crossover pioneers D.R.I. play a headliner show, with two hungry bands from Croatia and Austria supporting them.

The Great Escape from Linz start with their very rough and powerful style. Singer Nathan performs a perfectly pissed off show, screaming out his frustration, and helping the audience to let theirs go. “Out Of Nowhere”, this first band already has a healing function with songs named like that.

Because the people are dropping into the place slowly, singer Krmpa of Deafness By Noise takes the chance and stays down of the stage, right in front of the people, so he can scream directly in their face. With the energy of the biggest MC and the humor of the greatest entertainer, he gets everyone motivated. In the end, he has to jump on stage, after some fans already fell right into him, and the pit could have taken him with it. Plus “A tribute to our friend” of the latest record “A Long Way Down” keeps stuck in your head.

With that in mind and motivated from the hair to the toes, it is amazing to see D.R.I. entering the stage. As special intro bassist Harald Oimoen (who even wears a Boogie Hammer shirt) sings a bit of “Ghostbusters” and from then on there is just one velocity: full speed, except of course for some intros. But the moshing is going on anyway and it seems the audience and the band both are in the perfectly right mood. After they have finally released an EP in 2016, it definately was time for Kurt Brecht and the group to come overseas.

This legend, the sound and the motivation, a combination, which makes this concert another priceless memory.