From ripping sound to wonderful harmony

Mary Broadcast, The Burning Rosettas

Donaukanaltreiben, Das Werk, Vienna, Austria 2017-05-26


The Donaukanaltreiben is just one possibility in Vienna to see great music live for free. At the Werk in the north of the city, two very special bands played the Friday evening: The Burning Rosettas followed by Mary Broadcast.

The people are enjoying the nice weather next to the river, while The Burning Rosettas do their sound check. But then one walks through the people to tell them that the band is about to start. Known for their funny live performances, the three guys in their light blue suits don’t let any chance pass to make a joke. “You are the ugliest bitch in the bar, but I’m gonna fuck you anyway.” With lyrics like that, they earn the laughters of the audience, but also with mocking each other. As Austrian-Finnish band from Vorarlberg, their announcements are presented in various languages, and also their style changes from Rock’n’Roll to kind of Blues, Punk and Humppa.

The style of Mary Broadcast is more upright. But of course that doesn’t mean it is less interesting. The band excites the audience with emotional and danceable songs. The groovy tunes get their power from the impressive musical performance. The guitar of Jimi Dolezal sometimes is grungy, the beats of Andreas Senn impulsive. Thomas Hierzberger on keys and bass guitar is in his element, and front woman Maria Aichberger convinces immediately with her incredibly powerful voice, that even can remind of Amy Winehouse. The songs go from funky and even heavy to very sensitive and personal, like the latest single “Memories Of Gold”, that was written for a friend.

Always trying to make the world a little bit better, Mary Broadcast for sure makes everyone’s day a bit better with their music, and makes the line-up a great combination of ripping sound first followed by wonderful harmony.