Carrying on the heritage

I’m A Sloth, The Black Bones, Carousals

Café Carina, Vienna, Austria 2017-06-02


Friday night, time to rock out! For the fans of I’m A Sloth, the place to be was the Café Carina, where the band invited for a very nice concert evening. As support, they brought two more bands with them.

The first ones, who hit the stage, are the Carousals. The riff-storm, they perform there reminds for example of the early Foo Fighters: Dissonant harmonies, a rough sound and repeating lyrics are the main elements. The songs of their recently released tape like “Transition Phase” are working great live, and with their “no-gaze” concept, the show just appears very honest.

Also The Black Bones, who are superseding, play a very honest and convincing set. Songs like “Far, Far Away” get stuck in one’s mind and give the evening a nice drive. The three-piece might be missing a second guitar for some solo parts, but make up for it with the lively and enthusiastic performance. And so their Rock’n’Roll makes the audience move and want more, perfect circumstances for the final act.

At this point, it is necessary to tell that I’m A Sloth planned the release of their second album “Bosom” for the evening. Unfortunately the mix couldn’t be finished, but that didn’t hold the fans from coming out and supporting the group, also on Facebook (“At least an I’m A Sloth concert.”). And so everyone is happy they didn’t cancel the show, as the live performance is full of energy and enthralling. Just like Grunge should be, and as the bands before, the three show that they exactly know, who their heroes are and what they themselves do.

So all three bands carry on the heritage of bands like Sonic Youth, Nirvana and what all their names are. And to the high level of authenticity, one can only congratulate.