Miracle Tales (Album 2023)

Miracle Tales


Paris, capital of France, location of the Arc de Triomphe, Tour Eiffel, the Louvre. Nearby the Château de Fontainbleau, the pattern of the Pissarro painting Pontoise and Disneyland. And home of Baron Crâne, Bukowski and Dronte, venue for the olympics and place of death of Jim Morrison

Gilles Vardon ‚has been yearning for something sonically soothing‘. Coming from the city likes to picture ‚frozen moments in time‘ like photography with his music. Out via Shady Ridge Records on CD, the cover of his debut „Miracle Tales“ features a picture of masts in early morning light. 

There’s fog between the house valleys of the city and at the river. The sound is beautifully gloomy and big in „May Floods“. It easily would fit Nolan’s „Inception“ like Hans Zimmer with electronic vibes like Urban Dendrite. Soft guitar splashes like the rain or the following crackling noises like from Drone artists like Sam or Mila Cloud in „Blessings“. 

An UFO has landed, as the songs are fragmented in different chapters or scenes. Guitars and synthesizers rotate and atmospheres like Sólstafir or The Boy I Used To Be evolve. After we are flying like a drone in „All These Moments“, out of the city into the nature through a massive sound rampart.

Other songs like „La Catedral“, „Descend The Shades Of Night“, „Windowpane“ or „Claws In So Deep“ come up with the soft plugging of the strings and the especially wonderful harmony. The interesting title „A Catholic Schedule“ has a video for it, and would shake the walls of any church or Terre Rouge in „Crimson Rivers II“. 

Like arctic winter freezes waterfalls, the sun of „Dawn“ lets them melt relieving from the „Mercy Seat“ and imaging the movie „Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe“. The final „Devil Haunting on Stone House“ takes us back from the shore to Pontoise, combining Henrik Huber with Blade and Overseer and Øresund Space Collective.