Under the spell that can not be banned

Mother’s Cake, Milk+, The Ills

No Rhyme No Reason Tour, Arena Große Halle, Vienna, Austria 2017-04-29


When it comes to the hardest rocking Austrian bands right at the moment, there is no passing by Mother’s Cake. Coming from the wonderful country of Tyrol, they conquer the surroundings, and also visit the Arena Wien.

As first support, The Ills from Slovakia dance between the genres of post rock, progressive and experimental, an exhilarating kind of music. They also manage this wonderful phenomenon, when you suddenly can here melodies within the melodies, that are not even played. Inspired by nature as they say, you can see and more hear their feelings.

The dance between genres also is something, the group Milk+ perfected. In their case, they mix their sound with ingredients from Space Rock like Hawkwind, but also classic riffs that can remind of e.g. Wolfmother. You can clearly see that those guys are experienced, their playing is tight, and the instruments match each other. Band head David Furrer (also producer of Mother’s Cake) pushes tracks like “Hanocette” one step higher, and Lukas Schretzmayer (keys, also Feinz Hischer) fits his part as the others do.

And as it happens, after this great show, the main act is still about to come. Mother’s Cake arrives with the energy, that as many say can’t be banned on a vinyl, a CD, any kind of recording. It is another mixture, another style, yet continuing the main direction of the evening. More riffs, more psychedelic, trapping the audience under their spell. Sometimes it is hard do believe, that just the three of them are playing. The proof what the classic line-up guitar, bass and drums can cause. Last thing to mention, the really nice light setup, they brought with them. Yellow bulbs hanging from a cross and mostly white light from the back plus two banks of neon tubes.

Supporting the atmosphere with simple gadgets, this psychedelic rock show certainly every fan of the music should see.