Brilliantly declaimed words – The Hip Hop Party Deluxe

Samy Deluxe & DLX BND, Laurin Buser

Berühmte letzte Worte Tour, Ottakringer Brauerei, Vienna, Austria 2017-05-01


He might not be the biggest German Rapper thinking about who sold the most records. But for some he is it anyway, no matter who else is in the lead: Samy Deluxe! And so the people pilgrimage to the Ottakringer Brauerei in Vienna, to see the Master of rhymes.

The place looks amazing with the old concrete factory walls and the steel columns. Unfortunately the acoustic is really poor, but that does not hold the audience from already celebrate the opening act coming from Switzerland: Laurin Buser, slam poet, actor and rapper. This young guy really deserves the support of the old stager Samy. Presenting many new songs from the upcoming EP “Schmuck”, the audience is already with him at “Meine Jungs”. Talking jokes also with DJ Vito, this gig is a full success and heats up the people.

But when DJ Vito comes back to stage as MC of Mister Deluxe and with the DLX BND, the hall starts to boil. Is it the mighty appearance, the brilliantly declaimed words, the heavy rocking band or the beautiful voices of the back-ground singers or just the combination of this amazing live performance. Through all the great songs, “Poesiealbum”, “Weck mich auf”, “Mimimi” or also “Grüne Brille” just to name a few, the audience is dragged away. As the song titles show, the setlist is an intelligently structured collection of all the big projects of Samy Deluxe, also featuring a guest appearance of Appletree in his home city. The list goes on big time, so in the end you can’t even count the songs anymore.

With the ASD track “Sneak Preview” the heat and loudness reaches the zenith. Therefore, the choice for the final song is a more quiet one, to bring the people a little bit down from this intense hip hop joint. “Eines Tages” is the wonderful goodbye.