Compositions of Emotions

New UrengoY, Le2dam

“Seasons” & “le2dam #1” Album Release Show, Mi Barrio, Austria 20181003


In a quiet corner in the sixth district of Vienna is the lovely Mi Barrio. While people watch the Champions League and do the Swingdance on the ground floor, on the second two formations celebrate their record releases.

The Duo le2dam presents the songs from their Debut CD “le2dam #1“. Le Liu and Damaris Richerts studied together and searched for compositions for trumpet and piano from women in the last decade. With the help of the “Archiv Frau und Musik Frankfurt” they found two and added two more tracks they love. They thank Le’s mum amongst others, that she was quiet during the recording at her house. Unfortunately, the data was one day late at the press shop, so the CDs themselves are still in Tyrol. But the live performance is wonderful, starting with a melody that feels like riding and instantly brings Morricone to ones mind. Then it goes through a lot of changes, being sassy like Tom & Jerry or Popeye to more dramatic but homey like Cats. A concert that makes you want to learn those instruments.

Damaris also already performed with New UrengoY. They present their second record “Seasons”, a declaration of love to Vienna, as they say. Starting with “Autumn” (because of the release time), “Winter” is to prepare the people for this time of the year. “Spring” they dedicate to Alexander Borodynja, with whom they made the video for “Dancing Queen”, a song that the band considers more sad. “Summer” to them is for partying at the Donaukanal and the island, going on with “No More Voice” and ending the album with “Melancholia”. This one is in Russian, what Alex is “not sorry for”. Why should he? It is a wonderful piece of music. This is also the opinion of Anrej’s mum, who demands the song for the encore. Inbetween the band adds some of their covers like “Sweet Dreams”, “The Memory Remains” which they first played “a little bit tipsy” and “Kaiowas” for the underdogs of any kind. The records are available on a beautiful wooden USB-stick with the band logo carved in it (see picture below).[0]=68.ARDEHDobzeMIR4PO6bPTRBFnoZOE3-3EFxzNgzrQqgwd9nfHcE6lIiacHohEh3E71_O6imoM0SYVSMalV_UeyI6rwqeJTh_rBLiTVQIR9md1L6PUKUQpyxpu3YwPY1N2I0G_-UJTHt3nUsFwz1Xwm11IszgE_95YPoHutZuqHsvsWX2F7Qd4lw