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Dschagganath, Armed, Symmetry Of The Void, Ashes To Dust

Apophänie EP Release Show, Escape Wien, Austria 20180928


Another night, another release. After Magic Delphin at the B72 the way leads to the Escape. The place, where back in time a band supported KaaK at their release show. And now they are headlining and three acts support them.

First one is Ashes To Dust from Upper Austria. Their cool songwriting is remarkable, changing between fast and slower tunes. They play songs from the “Take Shelter”-EP as well as an cover of “Only For The Weak”. In Flames clearly got its influence. At the end the play a new song that “sounds good on the paper” but also live, once more including nice growls.

The next act comes from Budapest, Hungary. Symmetry Of The Void is the name, that already is known over the borders. During the soundcheck, bassist Zsolt plays few notes from Motörhead’sAce Of Spades”. They consider themselves as homage to the old-school Melodic Death Metal like At The Gates or Dismember, of whom they play “Of Fire” next to great tunes like “Into The Encircling Chaos” from their self-titled debut they released in the beginning of the year.

The sound then changes with Armed who are under the influence of Rammstein and Oomph!. The skilful use of the language and the immaculate performance should convince fans of the genre for sure. Plus the corpse paint of guitarist Max Kargl and bassist Knabe Schwarz looks very good.

What leads us to the headliner Dschagganath. They also use a sophisticated way of corpse paint. “The Dschagganath arises from the depths…” The bands debut EP is called Apophänie and comes as beautiful Digipak with an amazing artwork by guitarist Till Steinberger. While “WISE 0720-0846” suddenly Blinded Halo pops to ones mind as well as SOAD. Apart from the other awesome tracks of the EP like “Fire” and “Deliverance” the band also plays “Yeehaw” what you can watch below. Great bands celebrating great music. Always worth a visit and going home with new achievements.