Best Idea in Confusing Times

New UrengoY

Live-Stream for Bier-Schmiede Bendorf Rock’n’Rhein Festival & the World, Austria to Germany 20200314


Just within one week, the coronavirus has changed live completely. Acts like DIIV, Kvelertak and Dewolff had to cancel their shows, and Philiam Shakesbeat could realize a last small one. Also ideas like playing two sets for separate audiences finally won’t help. But like e.g. Smile And Burn and Dropkick Murphys, another band choose a YouTube livestream as genius way to bring their live energy to the people.

New UrengoY was set to play at the Rock’nRhein Festival with Lorda Red. But instead, they launch the “Quarantine Radio Urengoy”. After little confusion about the link, the three A’s Andrej, Alexander and Alokesh appear on one’s screen, plus Tatiana Anderson and Stas Taag. Andrej greets the audience on Russian and German with a short text about fear before they start with “Going To Be”. The “Seasons” from the record with the same name follow, and between a beautiful cosmic bow part is there to give you goose bumps.

Unfortunately the sound quality varies, is dull or quiet or squeaks and is limited to one instrument. But after some time one gets used to this and really can enjoy the performance. Especially during “No More Voice”, the sitar sounds pretty good and an excited “Woo!” at the end shows the motivation. “New UrengoY” follows, before their tribute “Dancing Queen”, greatly sung by Tatiana. During the newer “Night Flight” they again introduce the band in German, before heading to “Melancholia”. That one features a sweet guitar solo by Alex, presented as “wizard of sound”. Surprisingly they also play their version of “Last Christmas”. The final is “Kaiowas”, and luckily especially in this one the sound works well and the drums do their part.

Another “Woo!” ends this one and the first successful YouTube Live Stream concert of New UrengoY. Even though spatially separated, the longing is to clap after each song, and it is funny to spot e.g. a hand coming into the picture, putting down a cup. More gigs like this are just about to come like Harold Taylor on Freilich Open ArtsSeasick Steve, Code Orange or Anger via FM4 Stay at Home Sessions and not to forget the Flashmob-Gig.


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