Little Participation, Huge Fulfillment

Glazed Curtains, Thanks For Nothing, Far From Autumn

Presented by NoBack Booking, replugged Wien, Austria 20200310


The coronavirus is going its way and forces the government to take drastic steps. The ban for events over 100 people indoor is the cancellation for most concerts. But also because even the health ministry can’t tell the details, few still were happening, like the next NoBack Booking event at the replugged.

Right before the start, Far From Autumn singer Ansi reveals bartender qualities carrying back empty bottles of beer without even looking. Her voice seems to be perfectly back since their last gig at the Coco Bar. Also their own sound engineer Aziz is back and they have three people taking pictures and filming. During their one-hour-set, they play Aziz’ favorite “Until”, the first song Ansi and Peter wrote together “Remember” and also a new one. The second Alex looks at his drumstick, the next hit it breaks, but as they determine themselves, Punk doesn’t has to be perfect, and their joy is wonderful to see every single time.

The second act is not Owe You Nothing but Thanks For Nothing. They remind of catchy acts like Rise Against or more close All Faces Down. They beautifully demonstrate how to transform a slow song into a fast one and how to cover Massendefekt. Also they decide to party with the few people and therefor get down of the stage themselves, even to knee down and jump up again – very cool action, and reminding of a very intimate evening at the MARK with Stalem and more.

As encore, Aziz hits the drums for a little solo before the main act Glazed Curtains. Them and T4N will be playing at the Planet Festival Tour finals at the Gasometer in May and in case of GC also at the Chelsea. Right here and now they wish Oasis’ “Fucking In The Bushes” as intro and convince with their great Rock’n’Roll songs like “Rollercoaster” from the debut EP “Hey You”. The Foo tattoo of singer Constantin doesn’t lie, and as reward they even get a little pogo going. Unfortunately they don’t play the new single “Little Secret”, but the final “Rage” is just fine as well.