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Night Viper w/ Roadwolf – Live at DasBACH 2017

The Power of Heavy Metal

Night Viper, Roadwolf

DasBACH, Vienna, Austria, 2017-03-08


Heavy Metal, the beginning of everything, the purest form of a genre. And a blast at live concerts, as the two bands Night Viper and Roadwolf were about to proof at the DasBACH.

For the start, local matadors Roadwolf hit the stage. With great enthusiasm they play and motivate the audience, that transforms to a sea of flying heads. Especially the hits like “Never surrender” or “Roadwolf” let the people shout. At one point the band even makes a political statement: “Fuck the people who fight wars that are not theirs and trying to destroy our party!” Plus they brought free CDs with them with unreleased demo material, what is a very nice move. So to sum up their attitude and show in one word: convincing!

This word also would fit for the second act of the evening: Night Viper. Coming from the Fortress of Melodic Death Metal Gothenburg, Sweden, like their support they celebrate the classic Heavy Metal as it is played by for example Iron Maiden or at some point early Metallica. The songs with ringing names like “The Hammer” or “The Wolverine” from their self-titled debut from 2015 rock as well as their recently released “Summon The Dead”. Their impressive and intense show particularly is based on their grooving riffs, the running drums and the outstanding voice of singer Sofie Lee. With those ingredients their performance is a great pleasure for all guests, and the headbanging that Roadwolf started keeps on going until the final chord.

So as already said in the beginning, this concert evening with these two hard rocking bands especially proofs the power of Heavy Metal music, in particular when it is presented in that awesome way Night Viper and Roadwolf do it.