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MELA, Post Period, Levie, Abu Gabi – Live at Fluc 2017

Not quite

MELA, Post Period, Levie, Abu Gabi

fluc, Vienna, Austria, 2017-03-01


The fluc in the middle of the Praterstern in Vienna was about to be host for a very interesting music night, when Post Period decided to play a concert with the bands Levie and MELA.

It starts with Levie, a two-women-group, playing a kind of post-punk-grunge mixture, changing instruments and singing parts on stage a lot. Already the opening track begins with a nice bassline, supported by the drums. At the time they change to guitar and drums, the string seizes. But the girls of Post Period lend them their guitar, and so the show goes on. When the two leave the stage, the only pity is, that it seems that the set was too short, and they were just about to really be in the flow.

But the Power-Trio Post Period is on the run, with a red bar drawn over their eyes and the rest of the face white, they remind of Juliette Lewis. As well does their sound, or also of L7, so the direction is clear. But it’s not just straight punk, not quite, as the band is about to get the people stoked with much more. Outstanding is their song, that starts with their three voices in choral singing, but then switches to metal-like screaming with blast beats. As final song, they play a very nice “Voyage, Voyage” cover, before the last band enters the stage.

MELA is the name of another two-piece-band, this time more about electronic-synthie-pop. Not too long ago, the guys released their new EP “Anxiety”, a modern and atmospheric record, which title track especially stands out of their set with the nice pause and increase in dynamic in the end. With a cover of “Diamonds” of Rihanna, they finish the band part of this interesting music night, that goes on with Abu Gabi on turntables.