Checking Out (Single 2023)

Of Kings and Villains

Alt Garage Rock

For (some) musicians, it is very important, how they sound. And this is, where they start to experiment with all possibilities and equipment available. As a result, you get for example a Garage Rock duo, that sounds as big as a full band. 

Those two tilterers behind Of Kings and Villains are Momo, who appeared under his name before, and Kirschi. When they played their debut show at B72 supporting Blaqrock and Discorrected presented by Rola Music, they already had their first single with them: „Checking Out“.

Martin Scheer is responsible for the mastering, but the sound is built from remodeled guitars and splitter systems with Lehle switcher. In the beginning, you only hear the hi-hat and the memorable vocal line. As the song really starts off, „All My Life“ or „La Dee Da“ of the Foo Fighters as well as „New Noise“ by Refused pop to ones mind. 

The verse steers straight to the mighty chorus on overdrive like Black Lashes & The Face or Baits and even more guitar in the background. Alternative Metal like Tremonti doesn’t feel far now either. Even though the main essence is simply Rock, like from the best ones Seether or Offspring. Those could be godparents for the bridge part too before the final refrain and closing riff – ‚uh!‘

This sound is packed under a cover with a logo by Michelle combining the letters ‚O‘, ‚K‘ and ‚V‘ in an elegant way. The photograph shot by Manuel shows the duo in a phone box. Just as retro and rude like their music. 

And since this furious start, Of Kings and Villains have continued their path through Café Carina at Musicjunky Bookings anniversary, Club1019 with Bipolar Penguins and End Of Radio, Planet Festival tour at ((szene))..