For All Genders Before Humanity Will Rot

Napalm Death, Primitive Man, Wormrot, Piece, Verrat

Campaign for Musical Destruction Tour 2024 presented by M.A.D. Tourbooking, Arena Wien – Große Halle, Austria 20240215

Since the Venster99 had to cancel all events, they can be found all throughout the city. So this Thursday, Tower Harratz, Geht ein Pferd in eine Bar and Lachsfarbe Links found a replacement venue at Arena Dreiraum. And right across the yard at the big hall, a decades-long tour revisits the very place. 

On the fantastic poster by Klaudio Witczak, five bands are written. The first one is Verrat, who celebrated its five year anniversary recently. They convince live like on record like „Zeiten der Leere“. In the short breaks, they advertise for the demonstration against the Akademikerball and show solidarity with the Venster. 

The second band Piece jumped in for Biermacht aka Wehrmacht. Hailing from Berlin, they bring in a little slower groovy Sludge taste. Slow but entertaining, they perfectly fit into the tour package like the following Wormrot. They grind down the place with Gabriel Dubko on vocals again, like back at Viper Room, what they remember as well. 

There are even more names like Master and Pig Destroyer on this tour, but second to last this evening is Primitive Man. They would have visited the city four years ago with Misery Index, Ulthar and Gloom if possible. Finally they are here, and apart from the heavy guitars, the noisy parts are the best, that make every corner trembling and crawl up your brain through the back of the head. 

Headliners of this neverending tour like the year before is Napalm Death, who will play Kaltenbach Open Air too. They are „Continuing War on Stupidity“, followed by „Contagion“. Other highlights are „Resentment Always Simmers“ or „Backlash Just Because“ before „Fuck the Factoid“ and a typical speech of Barney Greenway, pleading for equality of all gender, „Suffer The Children“ and „Mass Appeal Madness“.

Hopefully this tour will continue for another several decades and bring such huge bands on the road. Meanwhile pictures can be found on like of Kataklysm, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Stillbirth.