From Laid-Back Indie To Heavy Fueled Rock

Out Of Nothing, Candid, Paloma 004

Local Tuesdays presented by NoBack Booking, Café Carina Wien, Austria 20210928

NoBack Booking did it again and put together an extraordinary line-up of three local groups, celebrating Local Tuesdays at Café Carina. Already before the show, the topic is about music and interesting discoveries like Zu.

The evening starts laid-back and will get heavier while progressing. Paloma 004 is the solo project of Lisa Obereder, who performs together with her sister Lena. As third bandmember she introduces the drum computer. Her compositions are mainly Indie with a hint of Shoegaze like Carousals, chord and melody oriented with solo interludes and her voice being soft and going high. The set features a cover of “Rote Sonne” and generally makes think of likes of DuoLia., Beatsteaks and Wir sind Helden in faster moments.

After this splendid start, we continue with some straightforward Punk-Pop-Reggae-Rock. The three-piece Candid works with split chords, riff patterns and two voices. Like this, the sound reminds of e.g. Jackson United, Nazareth, U2 or Counter The Eulogy. Sometimes it even gets a little bit dark, and in other parts ballade-like again, for example when they take us on a journey “At The Sea”.

Looking at the online presence of Out Of Nothing, they could play some Grindcore, Sludge or Black Metal. Actually they are more in direction of Stoner Punk Metal, with a touch of Doom and Alternative. So you can hear e.g. some Helmet and Newsted in songs like “Corporate Cannibal”. Their strong and sophisticated stage appearance they already proved at Marx Media Quarter in July. Mr. Nothing sends his regards to his daughter, who is attending the gig. His voice is variable and harmonizes with the one of the Voidhex aka Gina Holzmann. She formerly was in Rammelhof and will play at Local and Aera soon with The Cycling Shrimp. Due to their cool Rock show, OON can already count a small fanbase their own after only two concerts.