A Connection Like A Family

Intra, Ultima Radio

Arena Mini Open Air presented by StoneFree Records and Roadtrip To Outta Space, Arena Wien, Austria 20210930

It’s the last day of September. A Thursday, which offers options like Die Botschatn at Coco or DuoLia. at Restaurant Shalimar. And at the Arena, the StoneFree and Roadtrip To Outta Space collaboration goes into the final round after many amazing nights like with Great Rift and Liquid Earth.

This time, Ultima Radio are the ones to start the show. They could be seen e.g. at Kramladen before. There they appeared with Cadû, with whom today’s headliner teamed up already as well. It is their wild style of sound and performance, that make them an experience full of energy, that stays in one’s mind. Their beats and the two voices are their trademarks in songs like “Dusk City” or the massive “Sheela”. And they take their time to say thank you to all parties, including the lights, they have present for the first time.

The main act this night is Intra, who thank everyone as well plus their own audio engineer. He really makes them sound as good as can be and makes their gig a round complete work. The great mix helps them from the very first song “Illusion” on, which they perform after an intro. Their musical delivery is extremely strong, playing with the genres Alternative Stoner Prog. For singer Bianca, the crowd sings a little happy birthday, as they couldn’t resist mentioning it. Kaja Kalea and Fudl di Mare are two more projects of her, going in other directions. But for this night, it is all about to enjoy some heavy stuff. And with these two bands and the two machineries in the back, it appears to be the best combination and fruitful connection that can be found. And RTOS has even more on their agenda, like Mothers Of The Land with Lowbau and The Röad Crew or Lucifer and Dead Lord.