Sunday’s Paradise

The Picturebooks

The Hands Of Time Tour 2019 presented by, Chelsea Wien, Austria 20190414


“What else are you doing?” Scheibsta already asked. “You could be at home watching ‘Tatort’” Fynn asserts. “But you are at a Rock’n’Roll show on a Sunday!” And that’s how it is:

The band named The Picturebooks has got nothing to do and therefor shouldn’t be confused with the Austrian formation Bilderbuch. One is an innovative Pop act. And this one is a pure heavy rolling blood sweating Stoner Blues monster in the tradition between stomping Rob Zombie and rousing White Stripes. This dedication just lately brought them to town as support of The Vintage Caravan. This time they play a solo headliner gig at the Chelsea.

Drummer Philipp has got the knife logo tattooed on his arm, a symbol of a sound going deep. He and Fynn are the only members of the band. They like to experiment with different instruments like a mandolin, “Ladies and Gentlemen: Das Klavier!” – a piano, kind of organ-pipes sounding like church bells named tubular bells and a kind of thunder sheet. The intenseness that Philipp works on his equipment is impressive as well as the energy of Fynn, who with his long hair and beard and movements sometimes reminds of Dave Grohl.

He tells to be positive but realistic and don’t put all your worries in the attic until it collides. Live in the here and now as you can not turn back time and tomorrow could be shit. Those messages are also packed on the latest record “The Hands Of Time”, but older tunes like “Your Kisses Burn Like Fire” or “Zero Fucks Given” inspire the audience too. The enormous energy of the two protagonists makes additional members redundant, even though they had a bassist until 2010.

They tell they want to reach out to a wider audience but maybe don’t even know that the people already find their way from the other end of the country to their concert. That they give each other an enthusiastic high five and thank Fynn’s dad for the live mixing and Lars for the merch just makes them even more likeable.