The Danceable Beat Monster

Paris Monster

Bum Bum Tschak presented by beatboxx – I like Drumming, Yamaha Drums and Meinl Cymbals, Heuer am Karlsplatz Wien, Austria 20190412


There are many concert series, which always bring nice bands to your town. Such are the Stay Sick Festival, The Feast, Metalnight Outbreak, the Reign of Darkness Festival or Roadtrip to Outta Space. For fans of drum-driven music, beatboxx started a new one: Bum Bum Tschak.

Directly at the melting point the Karlsplatz, the Heuer provides the right rooms for a Master Class Workshop and free live concert of Paris Monster. Just a little bit too late, they decide to remove some of the tables in front of the stage, so there is more space to dance. Because the funky Soul Garage Synth-Pop, as the band describes their sound, invites to move.

The show starts at half past nine. Josh Dion exudes a good moon immediately because of his friendly charisma. What he does playing the drums and synthesizer at the same time is incredible already, but additionally he is a great singer. His facial expression shows the joy, and somehow Hello Sally and Gospel Dating Service come to ones mind.

Joshs partner in crime is Geoff Kraly. He basically plays a bass guitar, that barely sounds like a bass guitar. Just in little moments, it does and even reminds of the legendary Cliff Burton tune “(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth”. Right in the beginning for example it has got more of a theremin, like it is used by e.g. Via Matto. Finally the overall impression even partially reminds of old school beats like the ones on Ice-T’sClassic Collection”.

The set even lasts for 105 minutes, as the audience are happy to celebrate to two encores. It seems very unlikely, that a band of this skills, sound quality and performance even can play for free at a small place like this. But this danceable beat monster is made to gain a wider audience and possibly get a new Pop icon.