Under the sign of handmade local Metal

CroworD, Time To Face Destiny, Eyes In The Void, Days Of Loss, Catastrofear, Permanent Threat

Reign Of Darkness Festival Volume II presented by Black Anchor Booking Austria, ((szene)) Wien, Austria 20181214


When the sun just comes across the horizon fort he shortest time of the year, it gets time for the second edition of the Reign Of Darkness Festival. While in March the line-up had a more diverse spectrum and the headliner was KaaK, this night it is all about the most brutal Death Metal of the country, with another fellow from the first time as main act.

Despite the early daytime when many still just finish their work, the opener Permament Threat can be happy about a quite large audience already. For the group from Baden, kind of the Austrian Lumberton, it is the first show at the ((szene)), and the people in the hall seem to dig it. The darkness then continues with the band with the ringing name Catastrofear, who affectionately call their fans Catastrofreaks.

The third band of the evening can convince with a very old school sound: Days Of Loss. One special fact about this formation, that over the years two members of Dismal Lumentis, who played the last Reign Of Darkness too, joined them. Also the fourth group Eyes In The Void who recently released a new video for “Gods Die Every Day” knows how to create dense structures from melody mixed with brutality, packed in a motivated show.

The evening proceeds with another enthralling show by Time To Face Destiny, drifting more into the Deathcore spheres of Lamb Of God and Thy Art Is Murder, which the band counts to their influences. CroworD then finish the evening. After playing the third slot at the first edition, they are headliners now. Since September, they have a new singer Lukas Poglitsch, who luckily does a good job as Martin Karner before. The band’s career seems to go it’s way, as also a program on GoTV this week implicated.