From Classic To Modern Monsters

KaaK, Dismal Lumentis, Alphayn, CroworD, Dayum, Dialectic Chaos

Reign Of Darkness Festival, ((szene)) Wien, Austria 20180323


With the Reign Of Darkness Festival a wonderful new concert series is born. The first edition convinces with an awesome mix of all Metal genres, giving six local bands the chance to hit the stage.

The first ones to warm up the audience are the young warriors from Dialectic Chaos. It is true that it is hard to categorize their music, but it has a lot of classic Thrash in it. Handmade and with big motivation these guys are worth being seen live, next chance is the “Chaos Over Vienna” at the Replugged.

Second band is Dayum, the Death Metal machine that created their soundtrack for Dark Souls, still reminding of the great Nekrogoblikon. Third ones are CroworD from Styria. They played several convincing gigs at the Escape among others, and once more show, that currently they are probably one of the best Melodic Death Metal bands and not only in Austria. A fulminant show that continues the work of Dark Age for example.

Then the sound switches to Pagan Metal with Alphayn. With four girls and two guys in the band, they are a great example for women power. A wonderful gig, that is fun for the crowd and obviously for the band too, explaining their hurdy-gurdy and delivering a highlight in drabness with “Rache”. After “Wanderschaft” they make place for the veterans of Dismal Lumentis. They bring the sound back to classic Metal tones, a great live experience too.

The headliner of the evening is KaaK, the Russian Industrial Metal monster. Unfortunately many already started their way home, but the remaining crowd enjoys another awesome gig. “Litanies Of Pain” was their latest release, while the beautiful “Pro-Love”-banners decorate the stage. A great closure of the evening by Filin, Adrian, Zhopa (New UrengoY) and mix_errr (Kishmix).