Intense forms of guitars and heavenly voices

Rival Sons, L.A. Edwards

The Darkfighter Tour presented by FM4 Indiekiste / Barracuda Music, Planet TT Bank Austria Halle Gasometer Wien, Austria 20231031

In the night of Halloween, Sonata Arctica at ((szene)) probably would have been the most fitting soundtrack and TarLung at Venster99 the most evil. But FM4 Indiekiste has another delicacy to offer next to Blood Red Shoes, Please Madame, Black Sea Dahu and Mando Diao. At Gasometer, where Purple Disco Machine, Babymetal, Dragonforce and more are on the bill, they present the finest 70s Psychedelic Blues Rock Gospel vibes from nowadays. 

On the way, the guitar of Hamid Saeb pricks up one’s ears. After dinner at Gasthaus Schmitzberger, the Planet TT hall can be reached within a quarter of an hour by walking. As the organ sound comes from the keys, the support act L.A. Edwards start with their modern Pop Country songs. They like to vary them with a little distortion now and then and several voices a cappella. A solid show for the beginning. 

The energy actually explodes as Rival Sons follow. 2012 they played at B72, 2014 at Arena and 2017 and 2019 at Ottakringer Brauerei. This year they return with even two new records: „Darkfighter“ and „Lightbringer“. Suitable for the day, they welcome to their Halloween show in skeleton suits. Acoustic, twelve-strings and multi-neck guitars freshen up the new songs like „Rapture“ and the fantastic older ones like „Electric Man“ or „Pressure and Time“. Solos come from the drums as well and the great voice of Jay Buchanan carries the show all the time.

Another highlights is the acoustic version of „Shooting Stars“ after they plead for peace and of course the famous „Keep On Swinging“ from „Head Down“ (same album like the rocking single „Until the Sun Comes“). As unfortunately the place doesn’t really offer place and time to have another drink, the debriefing has to be hold somewhere else – at Damenspitz.