Brutal Music shedding Blood for the Soul

Nasty, King 810, Ten56, Left To Suffer

Impericon Never Say Die! Tour 2023 presented by Avocado Booking, Arena Wien – Große Halle, Austria 20231107

Metal is a very diverse kind of music, with several subcultures. This night at Arena is all about the modern (American) way, as Avocado Booking presents the Impericon Never Say Die Tour, that has stops in Lindau, Prague and Eindhoven amongst others. 

As the package features six bands, it starts too early for a Tuesday. So unfortunately we miss Reduction and the Hardcore Hip Hop from Fox Lake. But voices after will tell that they were good actually. The first one we really get into the live action are Left To Suffer from Atlanta. A great name, that comes with squeeking guitars and big vocals: „Let’s have some fun!“

Following this Deathcore mayhem, the show continues with Metalcore from Paris, France. Ten56 stand tall as well and have the audience on their side. So they use the chance and demand a female moshpit, that takes most space until the molton curtain separating the back. 

Within this tour, it is finally possible to experience King 810, as their tour with Thy Art Is Murder was cancelled. The heaviness of their hits like „Alpha & Omega“ and „Fat Around the Heart“ move one’s soul. They also present songs from their latest EP „Follow My Tears“ like „Widdershins“ before the final „Killem All“ from „Memoirs of a Murderer“. 

In the center of their show stands a piano that smokes and leaves singer David Gunn with a bloody face while the bassist can bend over backwards and still stare into the audience. So their performance is a unique spectacle just like their music. Act number six and last one for the evening is Beatdown monster Nasty from Belgium, who will switch slot with King 810 in the UK. 

They fire up the audience once more and let the speed speak. At the end there is a QR-Code to a survey of pupils on the influence of music on the psyche.