Sampler In A Day Vol.1 (Compilation 2021)

Sarma Records

Alternative Indie Stoner Punk Synth Pop


Life is full of challenges, good and bad ones. Locking up musicians and holding them from playing live, results in creative ideas. And like Ruhmer will try a new approach for a single, Sarma Records put together a collective to produce a full sampler within twenty-four hours.

After this time, the label releases the output on Soundcloud, where you find tracks of Emma’s Daydream, Junipa Gold or Ape Rites as well. The progress can be seen in stories on social media. Some start their work right away at night, others early in the morning with coffee.

The thirteen acts consist of artists from several states. Ludverrys are members from Juleah and Finn Parker. Solo performers S.A.R., Sweet P and Louser (which is initiator Lukas Nessler) represent StatorMr. Slipper & His Lazy Cats and Lukas & The Bad Thoughts. Philipp Spiegl went own paths after Montague. The Hungry Italian is involved in Old Time Gospel Hour and Mona Ida in Stereo Ida.

Misty Chambers is from The Holy Spirit Of Nothing and David Rauch from Ellefant & Gazele. Hiraeth should not be confused with the band from South Africa. The last members are Fallen Sons Union and Alex Petrow of Traurig in Europa. An obviously wide spectrum. So how does that sound?

Exactly as diverse as expected. The first three songs follow a similar direction. Driving Stoner Desert Rock, bit L7, bit minimalistic, interlocking (“Too Old To Die Young”, “23”, “Medio Toro”). “Let’s Dance” seems to pay tribute to its title with some danceable Synth Pop. In the following it gets relaxing, a breath of fresh air in the nature to acoustic gypsy spirit with some sprinkles of dialect (“Boundaries”, “Our House”, “Spacy Cloudy Wieslos”).

The dream continues with congas, getting more atmospheric and going to extremes with heavy fuzz and a fire burning (“Seasons”, “Back Then”, “Harmless Creatures”). After the frenzy, the tone gets smooth again, with a little bit of Brit Pop charm and a potpourri at the end (“Sunseeker”, “Wasting Away”, “If You Say Sorry, I’ll Admit That I Was Wrong“).

This sampler shows what can be possible with the right motivation and right people. The result of this great idea is an amazing mix of various styles, from rocking steady and dancing to psychedelic and thoughtful songs.