Dreams Of A Middle-Aged Man (2020)

Mauri Dark

Dark Folk Singer-Songwriter


Turku is situated at the shore of Finland, hidden behind the Archipelago Sea, being the southwest edge of the square of Pori, Tampere and Helsinki. Sights are the castle, the Forum Marinum, Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova and Luostarinmäki. And it is the point of decampment for journeys by ferry to Åland and Stockholm and for a Metal musician for his acoustic self.

Mauri Dark has played with several bands before like Mystons. Personal rebounds including the disease and death of his mother and a breakup led him to a cottage at the woods. There, like Rob Cavestany of Death AngelDallas Green of Alexisonfire, Joey Cape of Lagwagon or Yunger of All Faces Down, he discovered his softer musical side.

First associations to the sound on Mauri’s album are names he counts as influences and his recording engineers worked with: HIM and Johnny Cash as well as Leonard Cohen and Apocalyptica. But the first track of his debut “Poison Woman” immediately brings up even more, as the bells and ringing riff remind of Ministry’sHappy Dust” as used in “Sphinctour”.

The Country impact can be felt the whole record through, as well as pretty Classic Pop Rock even bringing up The Beatles. Instruments like cello and pump organ increase the volume and feeling. One personal highlight is the “Hymn For A Wanderer”, living from the deep voice, some wanderlust and a little valor, ending with crickets chirping.

Another highlight follows right away with “Thin Line Of Understanding”, which melody got a little RHCP and Buddy Holly / Head Cat drive, coming to an outstanding chorus with great guitar work and a break at the end. Straight and impressive, with pictographic language.

Storytelling lyrics and the sound going from uplifting to gloomy dark, testify the constitution of life’s events. Ending in the relieving title track, for which a short film music video was made.