Interactive – Improvised  

Scheibsta’s Reime Zauber Show mit Philipp und Philipp

Rabenhof Theater Wien, Austria 20240110

Can you imagine writting a song in only three hours? Lyrics, melody, everything? ‚I wanna see how they do it‘, the voice of the host ponders in the intro. Because the brains behind the fm4 Daily Rap Up decided to take the concept to the stage. 

In Salzburg at kleines theater, ‚Scheibsta’s Reime Zauber Show mit Philipp und Philipp’ is sold out already. Three days earlier, the two protagonists take it to Rabenhof Theater in Vienna, just around the corner of Kardinal-Nagl-Platz. It is the first live appearance since a long time. But the history lists many successful moments like playing with ASD, ads for e.g. Seat or the latest album „Nächstes Kapitel“ out via Duzz Down San.

Making fm4 their home like Dave, they usually have three hours to create a song. Today, they do it on the fly. They come in with a confetti bang and start quickly as the telephone rings. A voice from the off orders a whole track for a medical sausage: „A knacker a day keeps the doctor away“. 

The audience has to help out and come up with ideas of the content. For the second ‚chanson‘, Scheibsta records snippets from three guests: „Scheiß auf SUVs“, „Gibt’s scho Mittagessen? Jo? Jo?“ and „Bonjour mes elèves!“ For number three, they play ‚city-country-river‘ with the letter ‚D‘, bringing up terms like ‚Dora‘, ‚Deutschland‘, ‚Düsseldorf‘, ‚Darmstadt‘ and ‚Donau, Oida!‘ as well as ‚Dosenöffnen‘, ‚Delphin‘ and ‚Dackel‘. 

This results in a Western Folk Country song. The concept works and continues with a Schlager parody including a bagpipe/tuba solo and a message to the president. As encore, Philipp and Philipp play a song in memory of Scheibsta’s father and „Es is eh scho Wurscht“. 

They have perfected the Rap Up and definately know how to entertain. The songs they create just for the moment exclusively. A fantastic magical process of creation, that hopefully will go on. And meanwhile, Ferris MC, VSDG, Kreiml & Samurai and Rakim are at the doors of the city and GAS announce „Fifty/Fifty“.