Legendary Groove Thrash Doom from Overseas

Sepultura, Sacred Reich, Crowbar

Quadra Tour Europe 2022 presented by Metal Hammer and Cobra Agency, Arena Wien – Große Halle, Austria 20221025

If one wouldn’t be holding a ticket already, this Tuesday it would be a hard decision, where to go. At Gürtel Connection #11, likes of The Soundheads and Boogie Hammer play. Wolves In The Throne Room present their „Primordial Arcana“ Tour and another great Heavy party would feature Mothers Of The Land, Lurch and Satan’s Finest Record Selection amongst others.

At the big hall of the Arena, three big names ensure a sold out house. Crowbar supported e.g. Overkill before. The heavy guitar sound bursts through the walls, causing a fantastic start. „The Cemetery Angels“ follows „To Build A Mountain“, and „Planets Collide“ is another highlight close to the end. ‚Beard of Doom‘ Kirk Windstein (Down) wears a Body Count-cap and tells about touring in the 80s with likes of Napalm Death and about his wife selling the merchandise telling „Existence is punishment“.

After this Doom action, „The Boys Are Back In Town“ announces Sacred Reich. The Thrash Metal combo from Phoenix appeared at the SBOA like Crowbar and a shirt shows their love for Testament. With their new record, they state that it is up to every single one to make the world a little better, including the title track „Awakening“. And of course the classic „The American Way“ is a highlight as well of the likable four-piece consisting of Phil Rind, Wiley Arnett, Joey Radziwill and Dave McClain (ex-Machine Head).

The speaking choirs of the audience then demand the headliner: Since touring with Kreator, Sepultura from Brazil have their fourth album out via Nuclear Blast. They ring in their set with „Polícia“ from tape. „Kairos“ is one highlight, but also for example „Agony of Defeat“ offers a lot of power. The band reflects as well about coming to Europe in 1989 with Sodom, and perfectly finish this great Metal night with „Refuse/Resist“, „Arise“, „Ratamahatta“ and „Roots Bloody Roots“, beautifully photographed by Andreas Graf.