Worth the brutal way

Summer Breeze Open Air 2017

Dinkelsbühl, Germany 20170817-19


The way might not be the easiest. But still people are coming from all across the world, to visit this feast of the metal companionship: the Summer Breeze Festival, celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Situated in the middle of southern Germany, the Summer Breeze offers everything a metal heart could wish for. Especially an amazing line-up. It even makes it possible to kind of go on two festivals, watching big names on the one hand, and more extreme bands on the other.

This possibility you have from the first official day. Obituary, Megadeth and Amon Amarth rock the main stage, while on T-Stage Decapitated, Suffocation and Nile perform their brutal Death Metal. On Camel Stage you can see the blasting shows of Black Inhale and Firtan, and at the Campsite Circus exclusive unplugged shows of Moonspell and others.

The second day stands under the sign of the blue daneborg: It starts quite early with Sonata Arctica, later being followed by Children Of Bodom, Wintersun performing “Eternal Darkness” for the first time and Amorphis. The afternoon on T-Stage, Sacred Reich position themselves against the orange guy, followed by the Beard of Doom from Crowbar. Maybe one of the most awesome gigs is the one of Possessed, clashing through their legendary songs with a smiling Jeff Becerra. And the pyro show of 1349.

The last day as always is a bit sad, but music is the best medicine: Having fun with Knorkator, enjoying Overkill and the also smiling Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquillity on the big stage. Smashing the place with Terror and Asphyx at T-Stage. And then let the festival ring out with Korn, Finntroll and in the end Mgla.

It is still a bit sad, but leaving with this wonderful Black Metal helps to get over it. And makes oneself thankful for this feast, that is always worth the way.