The click-band is inviting

The Shaftons, Far From Autumn, Gio Iacenda

Presented by NoBack Booking, Coco Bar Wien, Austria 20200227


It seems to be another of those classic Thursday, when you could attend several concert halls around the city whatever decision you make it will be a good one. Rola Music presents Bart Budwig at the fluc, Caged Wolves and In Delirium play at the Arena Beisl and NoBack Booking gives students discounts to see three bands live at the Coco Bar. Or as they say, the click-band is inviting!

It all starts with Gio Iacenda playing a solo acoustic punk show. Next to own songs he brings in a Sublime cover. Also he announces a gig with his band at the 20th March at the Escape. His mouth harp playing is outstanding. Thematically he tells about “My shirts have old”, “All of it for nothing”, “Pull me through” which is about his love for music and “Turning Thirty” which reminds a bit of Everlast and is a sarcastic look on what society wants you to be when you pass this age.

The inviting band Far From Autumn jumped in at the Café Carina the weekend before, despite some sanitary hiccups. Also tonight they present themselves from their best, friendly and motivated side. Regardless that the “guitar refuses to stay in tune”, songs from “Wash Away” and “Still Yours” to “Bad Touch” and “Crossfire” they shred through, giving their drummer Alex his dose of workout, getting the audience to clap and asserting that singer Ansi and guitarist Peter “can’t stop shitting out songs”. Anyway they appear as a dream team, including the people supporting them with attending, driving and, in absence, also sound mixing (Aziz from Roses).

The final act just starts directly after. The Shaftons are about to party, what they practiced all over the Gürtel and the surrounding towns as well as acoustically at the AcousticClub. They got own songs from the records “Thomas” and the more recent “The Pavement” but also play a lot of covers, making a joke out of it. “Tainted Love”, “Don’t Let Me Down”, “Where Is My Mind” and especially “Say It Ain’t So” are just few examples how they get their audience dancing. And “Eternity” they dedicate to the guinea pig of the bassist. The next NoBack Booking concerts will be at the replugged in March and The Loft in April.