Cozy Fun Hip Hop Entertainment

The Beatnuts, DJ Rawkat

Presented by 20 Years Of Hip Hop and Steelo, Flex Wien, Austria 20200303


There are few Rap concert organizers around. For example Latfro Entertainment, who e.g. bring Xzibit to Europe, Beat The Fish or the local Gürtel Squad hosted by Kid Pex and ESRAP. And there are 20 Years Of Hip Hop & Steelo, bringing to you another 90s Old School crew.

Before that, DJ Rawkat ensures a good mood with tunes of Mos Def, Lords Of The Underground and many more. Then the DJ of the “World FamousBeatnuts enters with some water bottles, followed by beer, more beer and a Jameson. The duo is one more of that time after Onyx and recently M.O.P to play at the Flex. “Can you hear my sexy voice?” JuJu asks, as the sound is weak in the beginning. “I can’t hear shit!” Psycho states, but then it seems to get better and the two and the audience enjoys the show.

Do You Believe” is one hit they drop at the start. “Psycho Dwarf” they announce with the questions: “Who is gonna get drunk tonight? And who’s gonna get high tonight? And who’s gonna have sex tonight? Ah, no one!” Unfortunately the security probably has to take the smoking ban really serious, so they convoy one guest after another out of the hall. Meanwhile The Beatnuts go on with “Reign Of The Tec” and a freestyle to “Men In Black”. “Let’s Git Doe” comes in the middle of the set. At some point JuJu also takes the chance to talk about the coronavirus, not without mentioning that we should all make fun of each other: “Be mindful and don’t eat Chinese.” – “And watch your mouth”, Psycho adds.

They go on with some Bob Marley interlude and play “Watch Out Now”, that Jennifer Lopez ones stole from them. Then they end the concert with a clear cut, but not without taking their time to say goodbye. As they say they aren’t businessmen but for the first time they brought merch with them where they can be met again.