Another Day Of The Lord Spent Right

Spidergawd, Draken

European Tour ’23 presented by Barracuda Music, Chelsea Wien, Austria 20230319

‚In Norway [a concert like] this won’t happen on a Sunday as everyone stays at home for Netflix and chill.‘ And maybe Sunday isn’t the best day in Austria either, as this show was relocated from the bigger ((szene)) to Chelsea, where lately St. Lundi and Fiesta Forever played, and Franz Fuexe, Bankrupt and Noise Appeal Records anniversary will follow. But the ones who found their way enjoy a fantastic show brought to you buy Barracuda Music

The very likable three-piece Draken is joking and smiling from the very first second. They bring in some Doom flavors in the beginning, ‚something low‘ and Metal screams between and end their set fast. One highlight is the title track of their new second album „Book of Black“. The vinyl with the appealing artwork can be bought at the merchandise table in the corner like the first self-titled one, that features a cover shaping a skull as well and with only one color in it.

Headliner Spidergawd have already sold all LPs and tour posters but have a wide collection of singles with them like the latest „Your Heritage / The Tower“ or „Ritual Supernatural“. Three voices, dual guitar parts, the saxophone and their enthusiastic drummer, who sometimes gets his head through the small gap between his cymbals and the arch of the wall, make the show the great fun it is. Just like their music, that has a lot of related Motorpsycho, Red Fang, King Gizzard, Led Zeppelin, Nazareth, Audrey Horne and The Hellacopters: Psychedelic Fuzz Hard Rock and Heavy Metal to dance to. 

In the meantime the Classico, not the song by Tenacious D, but the soccer game between Madrid and Barcelona as well as Milan and Turin is going down and posters announce the Vinyl and CD flea market. As „All and Everything“ from „V“ ends the concert, it is clear, that wouldn’t have been a better way to spend this Sunday evening.