Heavy Touring the Stoner-Akropolis

Nightstalker, Torpedo Torpedo, Out Of Nothing

European Tour 2023 presented by Heavy Psych Sounds, Escape Metalcorner Wien, Austria 20230321

Heavy Psych Sounds not only promote the upcoming album by Black Rainbows of label boss Gabriele Fiori. They also present a special anniversary European tour of a band that ‚has the seal of approval of Black Flag legend Henry Rollins‘. 

For the stop at the Viennese Escape Metalcorner, two local support acts show up. Out Of Nothing were guests at the Viper Room with Lowbau and Endonomos and soon will be at the Beisl. Tonight, they start their strong performance with „Avoid to Fall“. After „Psychedelic King“, singer Mr. Nothing pulls himself out of the „Neckdeep Mud“, before condemning war for „Wrecking Lives“. 

They seem to enjoy the evening like Torpedo Torpedo, who are up next. Their name is either a ray or a weapon best known from documentaries, movies or comics. On their way, they shared the stage with likes of Half Baked Cheese and Kerbmaldarr and released an EP via Electric Fire Records. Especially their slower songs convince because of the intensity, like in the final song, that is based on three tones mainly and therefor beautifully heavy.

Then the audience is definitely ready for Nightstalker from Athens. Like 1000mods, Naxatras, Planet of Zeus, Villagers of Ioannina City or Acid Mammoth, they are part of the „Trip to Greece“. And ten years ago already, they released „Dead Rock Commandos“, which they celebrated with a tour stopping e.g. at Graf Hugo with Ape Machine back then. Now, after ten years have gone by, the songs are still amazing to dance to, as does the band and the crowd is with them.

Being in the game since 1989, the band has more records to offer (on vinyl) like „Superfreak“, and on stage, they are still rousing. Simply said, a wonderful Psychedelic Space Stoner Metal Rock’n’Roll party on a Tuesday.