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Summer Breeze Open Air 2019 – Preview

From The Melting Bay To The Frozen Cliffs

Summer Breeze Open Air 2019 – Announcement

Dinkelsbühl, Germany, 20190814-17


When the fields turn black, there are several well-known names. The village of Wacken is famous world-wide, the Full Force nowadays at Ferropolis and the Party.San earned high credibility. But there’s yet one sweet name to conquer the evil giants: the Summer Breeze!

No matter if you are in love with modern or medieval sounds, if you want to party or let yourself dwell in the dark, or whether you like it more progressive or classic, this line-up holds everything right there for you. The evolution of In Flames divides their fans, but every gig, they just proof they are pioneers for current upstarts like Of Mice & Men or Crippled Black Phoenix in some way. The E’s Equilibrium and Eluveitie and partly Myrkur bring up again the ancient sounds.

The fun sector get a highlight from the blue Nordic cross named Lordi, ESC participants before e.g. Softengine and PKN. Rock’n’Roll maniacs of the year are Airbourne after Danko Jones last time. The dark possessions will be celebrated by an unholy Norwegian trinity: the adjuratory horns of Gaahl’s Wyrd, the shivering screams in vain of Enslaved and the “Nightside EclipseEmperor (plus at this point we could add Myrkur even once more).

Acts like Hamferð, Kvelertak and Downfall Of Gaia all go their own ways, all brutal but in different directions. For lovers of the groundbuilding Heavy Metal, the line-up features e.g. Dragonforce and Grand Magus plus Hammerfall and legendary King Diamond and Queensrÿche. Admirer of (especially the second wave of) Bay Area Thrash got the opportunity to enjoy the mighty Testament and Death Angel (who soon will be featured in a new documentary named after the bookMurder In The Front Row”) or check out bit younger genre members like Evil Invaders or Legion Of The Damned.

In the end there are still so many names not mentioned so far, but will be amazing highlights without a question like Anaal Nathraakh, Hypocrisy, Krisiun, Oceans Of Slumber, Skindred, the remaining headliners Parkway Drive, Avantasia, Bullet For My Valentine and Dimmu Borgir and especially the Grind- and Death-heroes Napalm Death and Deicide – prepared to infect your mind and blow your brain out!

Photo © Zack Freeley