Happy Ones don’t mind the Summer Rain


Summer Sound, buntergrund Feldkirch, Austria 20190621


The bunt is one of the most established bars in Feldkirch since years and during the warm season it takes advantage of its garden by inviting bands to play in a nice open air atmosphere. The so-called Summer Sound evenings already featured acts like Prinz Grizzley, KIN or Migre Le Tigre.

Due to the weather, this time they decided to let gab&gal play indoors in the quite new buntergrund, right beneath the bunt itself, that opened its doors in December. Apart from locations like the Hugo Pansen which also just opened this April (and “substitutes” the Graf Hugo) or the Rauch Club, it positions itself right between, hosting live music and club parties. Deadbeatz, kurzfristig, Squared Timber or Rosi Spezial are just few names who already played here.

gab&gal just starts another concert series tonight, leading them to Germany and the Netherlands. As they already announced during one of their lasts gigs, they will come back with new material. And so they start right away with “Picture Me”, that later gets followed by another two beautiful tunes “See You Everywhere” and “Happier One”. The set also features the most famous tracks of their two records so far, and for the first “Glass Of Wine”, they get Thomas Gallaun on stage to play the tambourine.

The light wall in the back might feel bit distracting to some, but others like it and anyway most people on the main floor are dancing and just few talking. The regular set comes to an end with the a great trinity consisting of “Time Is Relative”, “Death” and “Revenge Of The Pope“. The encore features another cover with “Stand By Me” after “19-2000” they performed before. And as demanded by the audience, they play a final short version of “Glass Of Wine”. A perfect little closer like when the Red Hot Chili Peppers ended with “They’re Red Hot”, to release a happy audience into this great Summer (Sound) night.