Mega…Dożynki (Album 2019)


Crossover Thrash Metal


The story seems similar to the ones in Heavy Trip or Pick Of Destiny: A contemplative village and kids with a vision. Only this time we are in Poland, from where vladPRomotion (Anubis, Demonik, RawFoil, Soul Collector) operates as well.

Tassack are assigned fans of Anthrax, D.R.I., Exodus, Bathory, Tester Gier and Acid Drinkers, with a love for the primary scene and its aesthetics like in Murder In The Front Row. Like their countryman from Chaos Over Cosmos, they follow their way, and after a demo and live CD, this is their 15-song-strong studio record.

Everything is pretty coherent, the logo is edgy and the cover hand-drawn. Like the good old Thrash releases, the back shows a picture of the band, and the booklet includes the lyrics. And the sound is as Vlad says: “Some bangers there” – never a lie.

Over long distances, Lucy (b), Aruś (g) and Sharec (d) go full steam. But they also have a feeling for mid-tempo grooves and slow gloominess in their Crossover Thrash. Solis, Fill-ins and interludes are part of the variable production, as the diverse singing styles of bassist and guitarist.

Going into details, the band like to pick up cultural topics like Harry Potter. As they sound bit different to John Williams, they probably created the motivational hymn for the Quidditch team of “Hufflepuff”. With “G.T.A.” they refer to the cult game with the iconic cover and revolutionary game play with top view and later ego shooter.

The song includes a short guitar break and they made a clip in a gym for it. Generally there are five music videos, which they label the Tassuck Movie series and show the band on the road, in the snow or at a skate park. They also put an outstanding song of the band’s early days on the record: “Xardas”, formerly “Divine Anger”, another Stone-style thrasher.

The trio does their thing with full devotion and even has been productive since this fulminant release with another live milestone and a new single – another Budzyń Whiplash.