Going Way Back Feeling Carefree

The Smashing Pumpkins, Interpol

„The World Is A Vampire“ Tour 2024 presented by Barracuda Music, Mind Over Matter & FM4 Indiekiste, Wiener Stadthalle D, Austria 20240624

Soccer is all over the city and the fans are watching the European Championship at every corner. At the same time, the summer of big names is in full swing. AC/DC are in town and at Stadthalle, Nickelback played recently and as the presale for tonight started months ago, the excitement was high. 

Both bands of the line-up have their followers. Interpol recruited them e.g. at Arena Open Air or Lido Sounds the year before. Hits like „Obstacle 1“ manifest their role in Indie Rock circus as well as „Evil“ or „Slow Hands“ from „Antics“ out via Matador, of which they celebrate the 20th anniversary. Standing way in the back, we miss the times, when many concerts of this size had screens. Also the light blocks, the sound and show loose effect in this hall. 

So The Smashing Pumpkins even push it further with several light-rigs and towers. The band around Billy Corgan does not come around that often but headlined e.g. Rock im Park or Nova Rock. Formed in Chicago in 1988 they are same level with R.E.M. or The Cure, inspired countless others like The Boys You Know and now tour with Weezer and Green Day.  

They come rocking in from the very first second. And like a true Rockband should, Jimmy Chamberlin delivers a mighty-fine drum solo. Another early highlight is „Today“, that was covered for „Cruel Summer“, but also the „Thru the Eyes of Ruby“, „Spellbinding“ and „Tonight, Tonight“. 

Of course, the beautiful „Disarm“, „Bullet With Butterfly Wings“, „1979“ and „Zero“ might not be missing either. It is a cool show by a strong band, going heavy and touching softly. Only the hall itself, the sound and the prices for drinks are not optimal. Still at Stadthalle the season continues with likes of The National or Rod Stewart and Billie Eilish next year.