Don’t Choke On Popecorn While Headbanging

Ghost: Rite Here, Rite Now (2024)

Concert Movie Screening at Hollywood Megaplex / Gasometer Wien, Austria 20240622

Midway through June, the week started with Hatebreed live. desolat celebrate the release of their album. And on the weekend, while Donauinselfest features likes of Wolfgang Ambros and Madsen, the cinema-summer has a special offer next to „Rickerl“, „Ivo“ and „Despicable Me 4“. 

At Hollywood Megaplex, where Matt Boroff played his special show, fans gather dressed in black and some even with makeup for the musical film of Ghost from Sweden. They appeared for example at Nova Rock with Black Sabbath years ago, who did a live documentary as well like Iron Maiden, Machine Head or Beyonce. But there is more to „Rite Here Rite Now“, as it includes a storyline, bit similar to „Through The Never“ by Metallica (who they supported on tour already). 

The concert part was shot at the two final Alice Cooper-like spectacles at Kia Forum, Inglewood, CA. Before, the fans at cinema can upload content via QR code on social media and access exclusive material or buy a Ghost bucket. An animated intro credit sequence unveils Jonas Åkerlund („Lords Of Chaos“) as part of the production team. 

The off-voice tells, that current singer Papa Emeritus IV does not want to quit and be layed out. He reaches the venue with his ghouls and takes it away with hits from the whole career like „Rats“, „Spillways“ or „Cirice“. At the back, church windows are built, and he changes clothes or accessoires backstage several times. 

There, he also has serious and fun talks like on a-ha. For „If You Have Ghosts“ (produced by Dave Grohl), the ghoulettes join and skeleton dancers for „Twenties“. „Year Zero“ and „He Is“ are highlights too and a cartoon sequence. 

As there is more about the Ghost cult, there should not be told more about what happens. But it is a wonderful show, beautifully photographed and edited at the dream factory, the heartland of movies Los Angeles. 

Finally, of course you would like to spend applause after „Dance Macabre“ and „Square Hammer“. And we learn, that headbanging and popecorn don’t work that good together, but this show on the big screen does.