See less, feel more

The Underground Youth, the faded north

October / November Tour, DasBACH Wien, Austria 20171113


Another one of those nights you get out from work, basically tired enough to go home and not move anymore. But because one of your favourite locations invites to a great concert, of course you go there. And as every single time, without any regrets.

At eight you finally arrive, and the place is already well visited. As your friend takes more time, you wait upstairs. As the people keep coming in groups, you start to worry, if there will be a ticket left. After all it works out, but standing in the middle of the crowd first and in the back after, you can not tell if there were maybe few tickets left or if it was sold out completely.

The first band already what be worth the ticket price and loss of sleep. the faded north is the chinking name of the heavy pop group formed by three immigrants from the North of England living in Vienna. While admiring the running drums, the melodies, the great voice and professional performance, you would never have the idea, that the band only exists since 2015. Their music feels like you always knew it and always have been enjoying it like the song “See You Soon”.

What especially helps this awesome experience this night is the totally sweet sound as usually engineered by Hannes Mottl AudioProductions (eSKAlation, Savanah). And so it does not matter that you cannot really see what is happening on stage, because it is lovely enough to just listen to the amazing sound of The Underground Youth from Manchester, UK. Sometimes you can see a head or also often a guitar neck, and apart from that you see a completely crowded DasBACH enjoying this Post Punk show between Joy Division, Depeche Mode and The Cramps.