A Test for Necks and Voices

Testament, Annihilator, Death Angel

Brotherhood Of The Snake Tour presented by Blue Moon Entertainment, Arena Wien, Austria 20171120


The most know pioneers of Thrash Metal are the Big Four of course. But other legendary formations made their thing too. And when the lead guitarist’s names at a concert are Cavestany, Waters and Skolnick, there shouldn’t be more words needed.

Also when a band like Death Angel starts already at seven, you clearly know it is going to be a huge evening. All the three of them are promoting their latest record. In case of Death Angel “The Evil Divide”, with which they set the hall on fire. In unfortunately only forty minutes, they present their amazing own version of Bay Area Thrash, showing their love to music and demand the same from the crowd, so the celebration begins.

The short playtime is a bit of a pity for those calibres, but the show has to go on with probably the best Canadian representative: Annihilator. Making fun that they are not pronounced “Anal Eater”, the songs from their latest throw, “For The Demented” rock as those from “Alice in Hell” from 1989 or the acclaimed track “No Way Out”. After a short AC/DC interlude, they dedicate “Alison Hell” to the recently passed Malcolm Young.

Also Alex Skolnick plays some licks from the famous Australians in his solo during the show of Testament. Their songs, no matter if from their early work “The Legacy” or “Practice What You Preach”, or their recent “Dark Roots Of Earth” and “Brotherhood Of Snake”, they fulfil a Metalhead’s heart. Which all are here and not at the Marilyn Manson Concert, as singer Chuck Billy jokes. The impressive stage, the solos of all members, and the number of played songs – 17 – they leave everyone satisfied.

Those three Giants will be remembered as one of the best packages you can get for sure, and also the necks and voices of the audience will.